Luck into a large aquarium but have no idea how many gallons it is?  Look it up here!

Aquarium size and capacity chart. 

How many mice could live in that aquarium?  This cage calculator is a conservative rule of thumb.

Cage Calculator

Your mouse suddenly sickens and is obviously dying a long, drawn-out death.  Your vet is closed.  Your mouse is suffering.  Here are directions on how to humanely put it to sleep with household supplies.  If you think you might ever need to do this, read it now and gather your supplies to save time when you have your emergency. 

How to do home CO2 euthanization with vinegar and baking soda.

Your mouse is suffering and might need to be euthanized.  Or is it suffering?  It is hard to tell.  Mice make faces from pain, just like humans.  Here is a "mouse grimace scale" which will show you if your mouse is in pain:

Mouse Grimace Scale

About brindle genetics:


Other color brindles: 


Most things written about mouse genetics are either way too general or way too scientific.  This book was written for the middle with detailed information (and photos) clearly explained so you can know your mouse genetics, not just memorize a bunch of letters.  Written by a mouse breeder, this manual covers the basics of color and coat inheritance.  Without requiring a background in biology, the book explains the fundamentals of dominant and recessive genes, what effect each gene has on the appearance of the mouse, and how simple inheritance works.  You will want to read it several times and keep it on hand for reference.