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Here is Glinda the Good, the first real tricolor brindle of Mrs. Beach's Brindle Empire.  As of Fenruary, 2015, Glinda is pregnant!  More are on the way! 





Some outstanding Brindle Empire babies from the past:


MBBE Medbriff, a double brindle (both x-brindle and American brindle) with both black stripes and orange stripes on a fuzzy cream background)--WOW!


Medbriff wow Feb. 2013 009.jpg?138913759




A blue brindle, MBBE Tagarag, popped up unexpectedly.  Here she is on the bottom with her undermarked sister, MBBE Indie (more orange, middle) and her regular tiger brindle sister, MBBE Stry (darker, top). 


EN-12 004.jpg?1389137596609





A beautiful red x-brindle.  I named her MBBE Abracadabra--it's magic!


DWGM-12 Abracadabra 003.jpg?138913759670




From top to bottom:  From Nile's first litter, MBBE Special Dark, MBBE Brinda, and MBBE Sapheda of EVLV.  (Splashed, c-dilute brindle, ivory brindle.)  Look at those stripes!