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As far as anyone in my family can remember, I have kept mice since 1967. 


My very first mouse was pied black.  His named was Manfred.



All the others I had as a kid, except Kooch Kooch, who was chocolate with


a distinctive pattern of white markings, were agouti (brown) or PEW (white)


and they, of course, had babies and the babies had babies, etc., until I had


about forty mice and Mom made me stop.  Every generation, though, I'd get


a chocolate brown mouse with the same pattern of white markings as


Kooch-Kooch.  I remember I got as high as Kooch Kooch XIII.


All my mice were celibate from that time until 2010 with the founding of


Mrs. Beach's Brindle Empire.   Mrs. Beach is my online name at and, both of which have


tons of information about mice.  (Who is the real Mrs. Beach?  See the sidebar


to the right at the bottom.)



Mrs. Beach's Brindle Empire is a member of the East Coast Mouse Association.





        (Our founder, Mrs. Beach.)